WooODT Extended Map Addon v-1.0.1 released

Whats added in version 1.0.1

Option added to choose the distance unit as kilometer or mile.

This version is tested withWP version: 5.3.2WC version: 4.0.0PHP version: 7.1

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Laundry Pickup & Delivery Plugin for WooCommerce v-1.0.2 released

Whats added in version 1.0.2

In some language date picker calendar facing issue regarding matched weekday, like if delivery allowed on Monday it was allowing to select Tuesday instead. Its fixed now in this version.Category based checkout page introduced, so when cart contains non laundry products only, it will not ask for pickup and […]

WooODT Extended v-1.1.1 released

Whats added in version 1.1.1

Double date field showing up on some theme due to WC update(v3.7.0) – fixed.

Sometimes custom slot allowed to select past times on new WC update(v3.7.0) – fixed.
Back-end user interface experienced improved.

This version is tested withWP version: 5.2.2WC version: 3.7.0PHP version: 7.0.31
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WooODT Extended v-1.1.0 released

Whats added in WooODT Extended version 1.1.0 Order placing cutoff time for same day delivery. Order placing cutoff time for same day pickup. One page check out by default and additional settings to disable steps. Hide order type selection if shop is for either pickup or delivery only Widget correction. Fixed - Van management not saving data on 1st click. Remove cart Item data from footer(on some theme it printed cart item array on footer). Auto configuration on installation of plugin. Fixed - date field should not be edited manually, its now read only and accept dates from date picker calendar only. Avoid location, date and time selection when cart contains virtual products only. Option to set different custom slot for each of 7 days of a week. Per day total order control (includes order count for each location (With WooODT extended Order limit addon)) Override total number of allowed order for certain calendar date(s) (With WooODT extended Order limit addon). Exclude specific categories from per day order limiting (With WooODT extended Order limit addon). Order type selection label itself looked like a choice after WC updated to 3.6.2, its fixed in this version.

Restaurant Menu Rotation Plugin – v1.0.1 released

Whats added in version 1.0.1 Pre-order days settings field added. Add to cart button text customization settings added. Pre-order days settings field added. Now you can decide how may days to allow for pre-ordering. It will be commonly applied for each of products. So if pre-order days is as 7 days and say a product is available only on Friday then customers see a single date is available on date picker calendar to order. Similarly if you set pre-order days as 21 days then on the same product page date picker calendar will show 3 dates as available. These dates are  those who falls on Friday. Add to cart button text customization settings added. Now you can change the add to cart button text from plugin settings field. Like you can put it as "Select delivery date for this product" or what suits you best. You can put any regional language.

Laundry Pickup & Delivery Plugin for WooCommerce – v1.0.1 released

Whats added in version 1.0.1 Category based minimum service days. Checkout steps got a graphical representation like progress bar. Category based minimum service days. Now you can set different number of days required for servicing of each type of products, like when t-shirt can be picked up and delivered within same day but a jeans will require minimum 2 days and a carpet may take up to 4 days, so when customer place an servicing order with mix categories products in cart, the plugin will provide maximum number of days as servicing day, like if pickup date is selected 3rd of any month then soonest delivery date can be chosen as 5th of the same month if order contain t-shirt and jeans. If order contain a carpet as well then the soonest delivery date will be 7th of the same month.

WooODT Order Details version 2.0.2 released

Whats added Filter orders by order status(pending/processing/completed/on-hold/). Different color used to distinguish locations as delivery and pickup(useful when your delivery and pickup location have same names).

WooCommerce Personalized Greeting Card v-2.0.0 released

What's new in version 2.0.0 Greeting card size changed to A4 paper size that is 297mm by 210mm (Landscape mode). Admin can create as many occasion options as required like card for birthday/anniversary/Christmas... Admin can upload multiple background image as many as wished for each occasion. Customer will will have in card editor like they are writing on card to generate preview of the greeting card.
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WooODT Extended v- released

Version brings following new features.

Custom time slot creation for each delivery area and for each pickup points (read in details).
Option to limiting order delivery/pickup per slot.
IE support increased.


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Weight Based Dynamic Shipping Charge for WooCommerce v-1.0.3 released

Version 1.0.3 allow shop owners to disable delivery date time input for specific zip codes too(previously it was limited to state only), so you can ask desired delivery date time for more specific areas based on your business nature.

For details about how it works and how to set it up please follow this article
How […]

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