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WooODT Extended v-1.1.5 released

WooODT Extended Updates released

Whats added in version 1.1.5

  1. Option to hide ODT fields on checkout page
  2. Checkout page location auto select and hide location field when there is only one location.
  3. Upload your own loading image:
  4. Replicate previously added time on next location on location settings page
  5. Option to customize warning text when pickup/delivery date time left blank by customer.
  6. Minimum Order Text Label
  7. Alphabetically sorting of locations on front end
  8. Pickup – Postcode optional has been removed
  9. Day wise extra charges
  10. Special dates open with additional charges.
  11. Separated minimum waiting time for pickup and delivery.
  12. Hide shipping fields when order type is pickup.
  13. Select option(s) to hide from billing field for pickup / delivery

This version is tested with
WordPress version: 5.6
WooCommerce version: 4.9.2
PHP version: 7.2

View plugin details here.