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WooODT Extended v-1.1.0 released

WooODT Extended Updates released

Whats added in version 1.1.0

  1. One page checkout by default and additional settings to disable steps.
  2. Hide order type selection if shop is for either pickup or delivery only
  3. Widget correction.
  4. Fixed – Van management not saving data on 1st click.
  5. Remove cart Item data from footer(on some theme it printed cart item array on footer).
  6. Auto configuration on installation of plugin.
  7. Fixed – date field should not be edited manually, its now read only and accept dates from date picker calendar only.
  8. Avoid location, date and time selection when cart contains virtual products only.
  9. Option to set different custom slot for each of 7 days of a week.
  10. Per day total order control (includes order count for each location (With WooODT extended Order limit addon))
  11. Override total number of allowed order for certain calendar date(s) (With WooODT extended Order limit addon).
  12. Exclude specific categories from per day order limiting (With WooODT extended Order limit addon).
  13. Order placing cutoff time for same day delivery.
  14. Order placing cutoff time for same day pickup.
  15. Order type selection label itself looked like a choice after WC updated to 3.6.2, its fixed in this version.

This version is tested with
WP version: 5.2.1
WC version: 3.6.4
PHP version: 7.0.31

View plugin details here.