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WooODT Extended version 1.1.6 released

Whats added in WooODT Extended version 1.1.6

  1. Time slot fee – add extra fees for delivery on special time slots.
  2. Option to setup extra fees for chosen pickup time slots.
  3. Delivery/pickup date & time is now visible on WooCommerce orders page in admin dashboard for each order summary row.
  4. Optionally ask for tips to delivery person in case of delivery.
  5. You can customize date picker calendar according to your theme.
  6. Location settings page on admin dashboard is now mobile responsive.
  7. Stop Google from translating dates on date picker calendar while translation through browser addon.
  8. You can turnoff selection of delivery location drop-down on checkout page.
  9. In case of single pickup location you can turnoff selection of pickup location drop-down on checkout page.
  10. Delivery/ pickup date time is now summarized on order summary popup box(When you click on eye icon on orders page in admin).

This version is tested with
WordPress version: 5.8.1
WooCommerce version: 5.7.1
PHP version: 7.4

View plugin details here.