Date picker on checkout page

Date-picker calendar on WooCommerce checkout page is a feature that allow customers to choose a specific date and time slot for delivery or pickup of their order.

On checkout page it integrate a date picker calendar, and when customer choose a date it also populate a list time slot, so that customers can choose a preferred time slot for their delivery or pickup of the order.

In this case the whole order should be delivered to customer on chosen date and time.

As a store owner you can setup delivery & pickup time for each of seven week days separately.

There are two kind of plugins for this specification, one is like customer can choose either a delivery or pickup and then a date & time slot, another one is where customers are asked for pickup date first then a pickup time slot and then a delivery date and a delivery date. Later one is for the services that need a pickup of items and then delivery of the packages, like laundry or courier services.

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Showing all 9 results