WooODT Extended for Dokan

WooODT Extended for Dokan


(7 customer reviews)


  1. Vendor specific delivery hours and pickup hours setup.
  2. Vendor specific pickup locations, each vendor can create their pickup location as may as they need.
  3. Vendor specific selling cities. Each vendor can create their delivery locations where they will do delivery.
  4. Vendor specific weekly delivery/pickup service off days settings. Each vendor can mark their own weekly day off separately for delivery and pickup.
  5. Each vendor can setup minimum order value for each delivery location as well for pickup.
  6. Each vendor can set up extra delivery charges for certain locations.
  7. Each vendor can add an additional new order email notification for each pickup location.
  8. Automated shipping based on customer’s order type selection
  9. One year free support.
  10. Time field validation mechanism and option to make it mandatory option on checkout page(from v1.0.1).
  11. Pre-order Days option added(from v1.0.1).
  12. Minimum wait/lead/preparation time feature added(from v1.0.1).
  13. Same day delivery & pickup order placing cutoff time (from v1.0.1).
  14. Next day delivery & pickup order placing cutoff Time(from v1.0.1).
  15. Option to create custom slot via Van management(from v1.0.1).
  16. Get customized/more extended copy to suit your all needs.

NB: This multi vendor version of WooODT Extended is for Dokan multi vendor plugin only and you need followings

1. Need Dokan Plugin.

2. Need to setup your market place as individual’s cart can contain products from same vendor only for each checkout process.
How to configure WooODT Extended for Dokan


WooODT Extended is now available for Dokan multi vendor, where each vendor can set up their own delivery/pickup routine form their dashboard.
This is the same plugin of WooODT Extended, but it’s built for Dokan multi vendor platform. So in this plugin you will be able to do same thing like WooODT Extended but it has options to set delivery/pickup schedule for each individual vendor.

NB: WooODT Extended for Dokan Multi Vendor supports Dokan multi vendor plugin only.

If you need for other multi vendor platform please drop and email to support@byconsole.com


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7 reviews for WooODT Extended for Dokan

  1. Anna (developer of verified owner)

    This plugin is excellent and the ByConsole team are a pleasure to work with. I have used them for 2 customizations and they are quick, efficient and professional. Their support and responsiveness is also excellent!

  2. Pitchaporn R. (developer of verified owner)

    Great plugin for managing pickup/delivery time for multi-vendor purpose.

  3. Julien Cotel (verified owner)

    Perfect plugin for DOKAN users !!

  4. Clayton (developer of verified owner)

    Plugin fixes all my needs and the customer support went over and above to help me integrate the plugin! Much love.

  5. Aline (developer of verified owner)

    Plugin génial ! Idéal pour faire du click&collect multi-vendeurs et s’adapte parfaitement à Dokan ! Et super support technique, aux petits soins pour adapter à la demande et très grande réactivité, nous recommandons évidemment !

  6. Vince (verified owner)

    Excellent Plugin. Great Support too!!!

  7. Sandy (developer of verified owner)

    Great Plugin and excellent tech support.

Dokan vendor specific pickup delivery lead time, per-order days settings

Dokan vendor specific pickup delivery lead time, per-order days settings

Dokan vendor specific pickup delivery service location, day & time settings

Dokan vendor specific pickup delivery service location, day & time settings

Dokan vendor specific times lot settings

Dokan vendor specific time slot settings