Date picker on product page

Date-picker on product page, that mean customers can choose a date on each product page. So customers decide which product tp get delivery on which dates before landing on checkout page. If the order contains multiple items, each item need to be delivered or picked up on that product specific date. That means a single order with multiple delivery/pickup date.

Now this type of plugin may be two types, as we see each product has its own delivery date, same way each product can also have it’s own shipping methods, like in a single order a item should be delivered on specified date where another one is for pickup on specific date.

Also there is anther kind of plugin available where each product can have multiple delivery dates, of courser quantity will be auto increased with each number of dates chosen on date picker calendar.

Now as a store owner you can set which product should be available for delivery on which days, like from Sunday to Saturday.

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Showing all 3 results