Sailing boat booking


Key features

  1. Work with WooCommerce product no extra configuration needed, its easy to use.
  2. Ask to choose sailing dates on calendar.
  3. Ask for number of seats.
  4. Ask for each guest details like name, previous sailing experience and if at-least fourteen years old on sailing date.
  5. Booking cost adjusted by number of guests and number of dates chosen on calendar.


Make your normal WooCommerce store as a sailing boat booking service website. Use your WC product as your boat and provide a online boat booking service on your existing website.

On product details page it will ask to choose sailing dates on a calendar while Sailing boat booking plugin is activated. Green dates easily indicated those dates are open for booking. While red dates are for no booking. If a date is full booked then it ill turn to red and those cant be selected. It ask for name, if age is at-least 14 years old during sailing date and if sailed previously for each guest. If guest’s age is not at-least fourteen years old on sailing date it will not allow booking.

Guest can book single date or multiple date for sailing boat booking. Booking price is calculated based on your product price in back-end and number of dates and guests are included in a booking.


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