woocommerce pickup date time location

WooCommerce pickup date time location feature allow your customers to chose a date time and location that suite for them if they prefer to place an order as self pick up. Pick up date will be selected from a date picker calendar on checkout page as well as the widget that come along with this WooODT Extented plugin.

You can restrict some dates by declaring as casual holidays and/or national holidays in holiday settings page of the plugin. Eventually if you set some day from 7 week days as not allowed for pick up, then dates fall on those week days (like every Saturday) will be disabled on date picker calendar and customers will not be able to select those dates as pickup dates.

Same way there is a time picker drop-down too, from which your customers will select a time, time is displayed as 15 minutes interval. This time picker drop-down will allow to select the time that is only within allowable pick up time as you set it up in plugin settings page. You can se a pick up break time too, so any time that fall within pick up break time will not be allowed to select on front-end checkout page and also in widget if you place the widget on some page(s).

Multiple pick up location is an important feature here you are getting included, so you can create a list of pick up locations or zip codes so your customers will be able to select a pick up location from your predefined list that suites them most. You can reach more customers by providing multiple pick up location for them who those feel your store is much distance for casual pick up, so they will obviously like to pick the order from a nearby shop and on their suitable time, and with this plugin both the location and time they can define while placing an order as well as the date obviously.

WooCommerce pickup date time location feature is included in following products.

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