woocommerce pickup calendar

WooCommerce pickup calendar allow your customers to choose a date for their order pick up as per their need and suitable date. So they can order it on any advance number of days and you will be known about when the customer will be in pickup point to pick their orders us. In this competitive market when each and every store owner try to be flexible as much possible for their customers, so why not you? With an aim of to be much acceptable and flexible to all of your customers! So let them choose a pick up date as per their wish instead of yours. As you will be know about their demanded pickup date in advance while they placing an order, you will have enough time to be prepare and ready for their order(s).

How it works!
With WooCommerce pickup calendar feature when customers will be on you online store they will be asked to select a pick up date on checkout page (you can put our inbuilt widget on any other page too, to check the available pick up date before placing an order) with a date-picker calendar, and they simply click the date they wish on the WooCommerce pick up calendar as the others info they put like name address etc.. and that’s all as simple as taping your phone.

How will you be known about the demanded order pick up date
As soon as the order is placed you will get a new order notification mail from your WooCommerce store and this time its not only a generic new order mail, but also with the customer’s demanded pick up date chose through WooCommerce pickup calendar.
Same way when you check an order in your store back-end, that is WooCommerce order details page, there also you can see the demanded order pick up date.

For customers
Customers can see the pick up date they have demanded during placing an order on their order history page by clicking the order to see the details.
Obviously they will get a order confirmation mail along with their demanded order pick up date chose through WooCommerce pickup calendar.

You are the one to set up allowable pick up dates
As a store owner you can set restriction on pick up dates if you wish or need for it. You can set allowable pick up days from the current date while customers are visiting your store. Suppose you set 15 days in pre-order days
setting field, so the furthers pick up date always will be the 15th day from the day customers visiting your store,
Same as you can set a minimum hold time, may be you need at least 2 days to prepare an order, and its got too easy with our below listed plugins, simply put the number of days you need as hold time in pre-order restriction setting fields, so if it is two the soonest available pick up date always will be the date from 2 days later from the day customers placing an order.

Option for day based pick up service
You may in need of allowing pick up on certain week days, like as say you may allow pick up only on Sunday and Saturday, so you just need to check those two or whatever days you need from list of seven week days, and the checked date will be allowed as pick up date, so any other dates that fall on other days except your checked days will be inactive on calendar and customers will have no way to select those dates. as simple as you keep your store shut down on sudden weekdays.

All of our below listed plugins have this intelligent WooCommerce pickup calendar feature.

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