woocommerce order delivery date

WooCommerce order delivery date feature allow you customer to choose a delivery date as per their wish. Customers know when they will be in home to receive the order but you don’t, so let them pick up a date as they wish and suitable for them. WooCommerce order delivery date is an integrated feature of our plugins listed below. So by installing it on your WooCommerce based store you are providing you customers more reasonable reason for ordering from your store rather than others.

How it Works!
Checkout page
Customers will get a date-picker on checkout page while filling up billing/shipping details just like other WooCommerce info fields and and can pick up a date as per their need. This date will be saved as order data along with other info like shipping/billing info.

Widget on any page
Not only on WooCommerce checkout page but also on any other page customers can check the available dates to scheduled their order. All you need to place the widget that come along with our below listed plugins on the pages
you wish to provide as a optional checking of available delivery dates.

Order details page
Once an order is placed you can see the customers selected order delivery date in order details page of WooCommerce order details page in order section.
Same your customers can check the date they have asked for the order delivery on their order details page in front-end “My account” section.

Both you and your customers can see the order delivery date on the email that go to you as new order notification and the one go to them as order confirmation.

You are owner of the store!

Allowable ordering days

You are in control of the dates customers can select for their order delivery. Set up the numbers of days from current day you want to allow as furthest delivery date. If you set it as 15 days  then no order delivery date can have a date that is later than have 15 days from the day they are placing order(s) .

Minimum waiting time

Set a minimum waiting time by day, so of you put it as 2 days then the soonest available delivery date will be the date that is two days later form today’s date

Set holidays

Except the business you have a family and your own life too, so just to maintain them you can put your store as on holiday. The dates you will set up as holiday in plugin’s settings page can’t be picked up as delivery date by customers, so be sure you have no delivery on those days.

Day based delivery

You can have your own logic regarding your business need, as an example you may decide to allow delivery only on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so customers need to be restricted from selecting the dates those fall on those days, and yes you can do that with any of our below listed plugins. All you need to check the checkbox for the weekdays you allow delivery in plugin settings page.

Not only order delivery date our plugin can handle delivery time and a list of locations too.

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