woocommerce delivery date

The term ” woocommerce delivery date ” as the name means it do the same, with this feature you are allowing your customers to choose a delivery date on their wish from a predefined range of calendar dates while excluding your shop closing days and the week days for which you don’t allow to deliver. So while a customer place an order he or she can check what delivery days available based on a logic you apply on setting page.

In settings page you can set a pre-order days like say its 15 days, so customers will be able to select dates on date picker calendar those are not more that 15 days away from current days while selecting a date.

You can also set your shop closing days based on seven days of a week, so if you allow delivery on every day except Sunday and Saturday, all the calendar dates those fall on these two days will not be selectable on date picker calendar for customers.

Same way if you set some national holidays and some casual holidays separately on holiday settings page then those dates are also excluded from selectable dates on date picker calendar.

The date picker calendar is not limited to checkout page only, we provide a inbuilt widget that you can set on any page and your customers can check for a available delivery date before discover it on checkout page finally.

So all of our plugins and themes fall under this tag provide a more extended settings for you rather than only providing a date picker calendar on checkout page.

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Showing all 2 results