woocommerce delivery date time location

Woocommerce delivery date time location feature allow your customers to choose a date, time as well as location/area they want to receive the order, yes you read right its location, as a customer you can ask to deliver the product in a specific location/area where you will be for certain time, using our plugin all you need to place the order as deliverable and then choose a certain time and a specific location. Say you are planning to surprise one of your relative/friend in their house, so would not you like its to be a real surprise, like get the hot food package just in front of their door and then hit the bell! Or would you like to bring the food all the way from your home or a restaurant? or order it from their house and in front of them by phone? choice is yours!

You may think of WooCommerce’s shipping address, and you are logical but think when you does not provide delivery all across the city/zip code? Here it come as solution you can set up a list of location or zip code in admin settings page and our plugin/theme will show only those location/zip code as deliverable location.

Our plugin “WooODT Extended” has this feature well implemented unlike other plugin not only show a date picker and and time picker on checkout page it also has a widget that you can place on any page, and ask customers to check if an order is possible for specific date, time and location before go in checkout page and then discover on that day you did not do delivery or that time is within delivery break time or you did not deliver order for that location / zip code, save time of your customers. They can schedule their order and check if that order is possible for a specific date,time and location on any page rather than discover it on checkout page after selecting their favorite mouth watering menus!