woocommerce customer delivery date

WooCommerce customer delivery date is a known feature now a day, as all of us want to make our store more easy to our customers, so we have to think about how much flexible we can be where the customers have to minimum from our side. So why not deliver orders for your customers on the date or day they wished for. So lets allow your customers to choose delivery date as per their wish and here we present it as woocommerce customer delivery date feature. All of our product tagged as woocommerce customer delivery date or the products you see in this page have this woocommerce customer delivery date features.

So how it works! We are describing it here
When customers are placing an order on your woocommerce based store they will get a date-picker calendar on checkout page as well as on any page if you place our inbuilt widget where you wish to have it. So customers just pick a date that is most suitable for them as they only know when they will be in home!

Order details page
So after placing a order you can see the delivery date they have requested for in your wp-admin order details and order edit page, and now you need to calculate when dispatch the shipping for them.

Customers can see the delivery date they have requested on their own order details page on front-end.

On email
Customers also can see the requested delivery date on their order details page as well as the customer delivery date on their email too.

Customer delivery date will also be in the email that you received while an order is placed.

But you are the owner of the store!
So you have the right to decide on which dates you would not do delivery if they are holiday for you coz you have a family too!
You also can restrict delivery on some week days, like on every Sunday or so..
All you can set them in our settings page and the date-picker calendar will exclude those dates those are listed either as holiday for your store or the the dates those fall on the weekdays you have restricted for delivery. so you customers can pick a date from your allowable dates or days.

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