automated shipping selection

woocommerce automated shipping selection is an intelligent feature of WooODT Extended, that set your customer’s shipping method automatically based on order type selection. So if a customer choose order type as pickup then it select “Store Pickup” and show as only available shipping method while removes all other shipping methods from cart and checkout page. Same as while order type is chosen as delivery, the plugin removes the “Store Pick up” method instead it selects “Flat rate” shipping method and show other shipping methods if available on cart and checkout page except “Store Pick up” shipping method. For better practice we recommend to keep two shipping method for your store as Flat rate and Store pick up, but you are always free to set up as many shipping method as it suits your business types and need, still the plugin will select shipping method automatically in same logic. Also while you buy any of this tagged product you can get a free customization based on your own logic, you just need to explain us how you want it, like choose a specific shipping method when weight goes over a limit.